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Google To Launch Self Driving Cars

Google To Launch Self Driving Cars

A week before, Missy Cummins, who is leading the robotics program at the Duke University, made bold claims in front of the Senate committee that self-driving cars were in no way ready for deployment but Google, the tech giant, believes otherwise. Google has requested the congress to grant them the permission to bring to the market a no-steering, no-pedals self-driving car. A letter which contained the proposal was sent out to the top transportation officials, which offered a solution to the US major regulatory roadblock – allowing Google to market its self-driving cars.

Google rejects the claims that these cars are futuristic and holds the thought that they are ready for early adopters sooner than the public officials think. It also presented evidence that these cars have been tested on the public roads of California for several years now. Delaying the decisions any further seems illogical, Google’s officials believed.

Google’s proposed idea suggest that any company which was able to show that it passed the federal safety standards should be granted special permission to sell these cars. The government can set conditions that they are not to be operated unless the government allows its operation. But these new laws take years to design and there was no guarantee everyone who invests in these cars will live by these conditions.

The central idea of the proposal regarding granting Google the authority meant enormous, potential safety benefits, promptly with appropriate safety conditions and full public input. The proposal came under consideration as a response to the U.S. Department of Transportation invite that all those strategies that could result in dropping technology on the public roads must be brought forward if proven safe.

Gordon Trowbridge, spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was reported saying, “The department will take input from lots of stakeholders as we develop that plan.”, but no immediate statement was given by the spokesperson.

The company, earlier this week, met with its lawmakers which also included Senate committee chairman Ml. John Thune, R-S.D. The aim of the meeting was to convince the Transportation Department to grant Google the authority for launching its self-driving cars. Although no work on its legislation has been put forward, said the Republican spokesperson Fredrick Hill.

Sen. Bill Nelson, committee’s top Democrat of Florida, said that he was open to legislation if Google provided proof that these new vehicles will in no way compromise the public’s safety.

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