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Goodyear’s Smart Fleet Give Discounts to Truckers

Goodyear’s Smart Fleet Give Discounts to Truckers

This past August at the 2015 Great American Trucking Show (GATS), Goodyear showcased their Smart Fleet Program for owner-operators and small fleets with a drawing for two Goodyear Fuel Max LHS steer tires. But don’t worry if you missed out: New members get a mail-in rebate for $25 off of up to 10 tires on their first purchase, saving them up to $250. If you happen to be an OOIDA members, you’ll double that offer to $500 with a $50 rebate on up to 10 tires.

Trucking companies and their drivers know it’s expensive to maintain and update their fleets, and often the cash for operating costs comes directly out of their paychecks. Goodyear has launched a new program in hopes to change all that. By offering deals and services to truckers, Goodyear’s goal is to help those in the trucking industry keep more of their money in their pockets, instead of their trucks.

Those that join the Smart Fleet program get access to lots of perks, with new benefits arriving every season. The fall benefits this year feature specials on Goodyear’s LHS and LHD long-haul Fuel Max tire and LHD Fuel Max retreads. Here are the standard perks that all members receive:

  • National account with Goodyear
  • Published prices on tires, retreads, and services. Members can see the reduced published prices on Goodyear’s website, so they don’t have to haggle with dealers. When you notify them that you are a member of Smart Fleet, you’ll automatically get the discounted pricing. Jose Martinez, Smart Fleet Business Solutions Manager, commented, “It’s a win-win situation for all parties. Dealers benefit also because their commissions are significantly higher than the commissions on regular accounts.” He further explained, “The dealers don’t even see the pricing. That’s between us and the Goodyear Smart Fleet members. There are no pricing surprises while away from home.” All participating Goodyear commercial tire dealerships will honor the exclusive pricing.
  • Savings on new tires, retreads and tire-related services. Get special access to premium Goodyear brand truck tires, retreads and technologies. One such tech in Goodyear Fuel Max Technology, which lowers rolling resistance by utilizing a combination of fuel-saving compounds with tread designs and constructions. Also available is the Goodyear DuraSeal Technology, the only self-sealing tire tech in the industry.
  • 24/7 roadside service with no dispatch fee. Over one million trucks have taken advantage of Goodyear-Fleet HQ 24/7 Emergency Roadside Service to get back on the road quickly, with an average roll-time of two hours and 11 minutes, the best in the industry. In addition, “Goodyear Smart Fleet members do not have to pay a dispatch fee for road service calls,” said Martinez. For assistance, call 888-888-8687.
  • A network with more than 2,200 dealers so no matter where you go, there will be always be help close by. “Those 2,200-plus dealers help us lower response time even when the small guy breaks down in the middle of nowhere,” Martinez said. “We will have somebody not that far.”
  • No cost or fees
  • Customized tire performance and service activity reporting
  •  Tools to help owner-operators and fleets lower their operating costs
  • The RoadService app. Get fast, easy help when you need it most.

The program has seen a 36% membership increase year-to-date and you could be one of them.  Enroll today Here.

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