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Goodyear Redesigns Website To Offer ‘Total Solutions’

Goodyear Redesigns Website To Offer ‘Total Solutions’

Goodyear Tires launched a redesigned website in December 2015 which offers better configuration options for viewing on mobile devices. The company’s officials, in a media briefing, emphasized that the company is still looking for innovative ways to help its customers to find the perfect matching products based on their requirements and needs.

Dustin Lancy, Goodyear’s digital brand manager stated, “With just a few keystrokes, fleets can find a customized Goodyear Total Solution that’s uniquely suited to them.”

The website also features a new tool called My Solution Finder to help all its fleets and customers find answers to their biggest trucking problems. The company officials believe this will help all its users to find customized solutions, which they were not able to do so before.

Lancy explained, “The tool also offers to connect the customers with a Goodyear rep, who will already be armed with information about that fleet’s specific requirements.”

Customers when browsing through the new site will be facilitated to own a national Goodyear account and search for other programs applicable. The website’s location map has also been redesigned to include 2,100 Goodyear dealers. Using these locations, customers can now call up a dealer nearest to their location using Google Maps.

The new site has more to offer in terms of vocations and categories. Previously, the site only had the Tire Selector tool with about five applications which made fleet search a bit of challenge when it came to filtration.

Addressing her audience about this newly redesigned tool, she stated, “The Goodyear Total Solution is designed to help fleets reduce their operating costs, and our revamped Web site will help play an important role in achieving this.”

Another important thing to address, the Canadian-specific Goodyear’s side hasn’t been redesigned yet. Lancy believes they will soon be merging the French and Canadian sites onto one platform.

Lancy claims that the new website launched has been well-received by the customers, which serves as a pay-off for their efforts.

“The feedback has been very great. The site was launched Dec. 9 2015 and since then, not only have we had great responses from fleets but we’ve also had a great response from sales and everyone else about the usability of the site,” she concluded. – See more at:

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