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Ghastly Details of Dodge County Trucker Attack Revealed

Ghastly Details of Dodge County Trucker Attack Revealed

It was previously reported that two truck drivers had been assaulted in separate incidents while on the job.

One attack came at a rest area in Dodge County. The other happened only three days later at a tourist center in Pleasant Prairie. The harm done in both cases was severe, and the frightening incidents are part of a growing problem in the trucking industry.

The second attack saw a driver jumped by two individuals in a bathroom. He recalled using the urinal or brushing his teeth before hearing a loud shuffling noise behind him. That was the last thing he remembered before waking up in an ambulance, being told that he had been assaulted, and discovering his wallet was gone.

The driver was found in a parking lot at the end of a blood trail, the beginning of which was in the bathroom. The driver suffered a concussion, sustained five broken ribs, and even had a piece of his ear torn off in the attack. Doctors were able to sew it back on, and the driver says he still remembers very little about the sudden and brutal incident.

The attackers made off with the contents of the driver’s wallet, which was $100. While a suspect was caught on camera, their face was covered. Police are still analyzing the details of the footage in hopes of finding the culprits.

While some people may not appreciate the effort truckers put forth, the wounded driver said his company has been extremely supportive throughout this tough situation. The driver will take time off to complete therapy, but said he isn’t letting the incident draw him away from trucking.

With an incident taking place just three days before this one, and three separate but similar incidents taking place roughly a week prior, this concerning phenomenon continues to grow.

Drivers who were attacked have said they hope their stories can serve as warnings and examples, so that other drivers may avoid a similar fate. However, sometimes even being aware of one’s surroundings is not enough to thwart determined criminals.

Legislation that would allow drivers to carry firearms during interstate travel is currently being discussed in response to this long-running trend.

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