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Georgia Carrier Invests to Meet Future Freight Demand

Georgia Carrier Invests to Meet Future Freight Demand

It wasn’t too long ago than a report by the American Trucking Associations predicted a steady increase in growth for the trucking industry over the course of the next decade. An announcement from Saia this past Wednesday may be the first of many stories that confirm this prediction and set the stage for more productivity in the trucking field.

The less-than-truckload carrier announced plans to expand from its base in the southeastern US into the northeast. The company says it plans to open at least three terminals in 2017, and is considering aiming for as many as five. This will help the company draw more freight into the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area.

The company also plans to continue their expansion the coming years, with management at the Georgia-based LTL carrier aiming to invest almost $200 million in the expansion. This investment will help the company prepare for the increased demand the coming years will bring.

CEO and President of Saia Rick O’Dell said: “Not only do we plan to invest in new terminals and equipment, but we intend to invest heavily in certain areas of our existing network so that we will be able to handle the increased freight flows to and from the new market.”

The company currently has 34 states in its network. It operates in other states, but relies on partners to help with transport in those areas. With the new changes, the company will have the capabilities to operate in 46 states total.

O’Dell also spoke about the advantages of entering a new market, saying: “This is approximately a 25 percent increase in our addressable market. A lot of our best customers do business in this market and currently used providers other than Saia. We view this market as one that hold significant market potential for Saia over time.”

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