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GATS 2017 Brings Strong Showing at Recruitment Pavilion

GATS 2017 Brings Strong Showing at Recruitment Pavilion

The Great American Trucking Show is known for many things. It’s an event where carriers release their latest and most state-of-the-art equipment to the public. It’s a gathering where truckers can show off their talents, win prizes, and even get solutions to help improve their health.

GATS is known for more than tech and socializing, however. The event is also home to a dedicated recruitment effort which takes advantage of the environment and puts hiring efforts into overdrive. Companies often feature dedicated panels to help scout for new talent and fill their rosters.

GATS offered a vastly expanded recruitment pavilion this year, expanding on last year’s efforts by giving attendees access to contact with over 100 hiring officials. With so many fleets being represented and so many different positions being scouted for, the event was a great destination for those who are looking for jobs as well as the people who hire them.

Trucking is sometimes tough to find a job in, as fluctuating economic conditions and changing qualifications can make steady work hard to come by. While job sites and boards are a popular tool for helping promote job growth, the opportunity presented by GATS dwarfs these efforts – and for good reason.

With so many drivers in one place at one time, it is easy for them to gather a number of important connections they can use in the future. Even if a driver doesn’t have the qualifications they need to get a job currently, simply getting information and contacts can make it easier for them to get on the right path to a stable, long-term job in the freight industry.

For companies, the event is a goldmine. Various freight types, haul lengths, and run classifications are found in the job selection, and carriers get to survey a large number of potential new hires. Though interviews and formal procedures are usually handled later, this event is a great place to get things started.

Trucking is an industry where the beginning of the hiring process can be the toughest part. The ability to handle this aspect in a relaxed, dedicated environment takes a lot of the stress out of the job search for job seekers and hiring managers alike.

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