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Four Carriers on “Dirty Dozen” List of Dangerous Employers

Four Carriers on “Dirty Dozen” List of Dangerous Employers

It takes a strong-willed person to pilot large rigs full of freight on America’s highways, and every trucker who takes on this type of task is certainly courageous. However, courage will only take a person so far – dangerous working conditions create an environment that no amount of bravery can fix.

It was so concerning when four trucking companies recently landed on the “Dirty Dozen” list of dangerous employers in 2017. While most truckers are willing to go above and beyond to complete their work and make their deliveries, everyone appreciates safe and comfortable working conditions. Unfortunately, carriers dominated a third of this list.

TransAm Trucking of Olathe, Kansas made the list. The infamous “frozen trucker” incident and a driver being fired for protecting his own safety led to this carrier being viewed with scrutiny by the industry and the public alike. After a nasty court battle which raged for seven years, a worker was awarded $280,000 in back pay.

California Cartage, a carrier based in Long Beach, earned a spot on the list after a driver died on the job. The company has been flagged for major violations in both their home state as well as Georgia. These include a lack of machine safeguards, faulty brakes, and more.

Environmental Enterprises, Inc. of Spring Grove, Ohio, made headlines when a worker was killed in a chemical explosion. The carrier was almost guaranteed for a spot on this list after OSHA described the company as having a total disregard for the safety of employees. An indictment was arranged for involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide.

The final carrier who made the list is Dedicated TCS. After an employee of the Lansing, Illinois-based carrier died inside of a confined space, the company was cited for three violations and fined $226,000 by OSHA.

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