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FMCSA Program to Help Carriers Clear Their Records

FMCSA Program to Help Carriers Clear Their Records

Nearly every company that works with truckers looks for a clean driving record. This indicates responsibility and care on the part of the carrier. However, some crashes can’t be prevented. Certain circumstances can cause crashes, regardless of any precautions that were taken. Instances like these can damage a carrier’s reputation and lead to lost business. Many carriers have suffered unfairly in instances like these, but all of that may change soon.

Recently the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced plans for a new pilot program. This program will allow carriers to strike crashes from their record if said crashes were found to be non-preventable. The FMCSA’s proposed plan allows drivers to challenge certain crashes involving things like animal strikes, infrastructure malfunctions, and collisions with drivers who were under the influence.

Crash history rates have been used to rate a motor carrier’s safety for quite some time, and there has always been opposition to counting these types of accidents. The FMCSA’s decision to hear these concerns has been appreciated by many in the trucking industry. ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said: “Today’s announced pilot project is a step toward that goal, and we appreciate FMCSA adopting ATA’s call to provide a way for carriers to strike these tragic, but non-preventable crashes from their record.”

Graves also stated that he hoped the project helps promote a more complete and holistic system for carriers to use in disputing non-preventable crashes. Monitoring systems play a big role in truck driving as they help promote safety on the road, and this type of program helps ensure that safe drivers aren’t punished when crashes occur that aren’t their fault. Carriers that focus on compliance could suffer unfairly from previous crash-logging practices. This type of system may also help encourage safer practices, as it helps carriers ensure that their investment in safety won’t be wasted.

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