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FMCSA Orders Alabama Carrier to Cease Operations

FMCSA Orders Alabama Carrier to Cease Operations

A trucking company in Alabama has been ordered to cease all interstate and intrastate operations effective immediately, per a federal investigation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, part of the Department of Transportation, made the decision after an accident involving one of the company’s only two trucks.

Just because a carrier is small doesn’t mean they do not pose a danger to others. The investigation that prompted the shutdown order started when a commercial truck operated by J&L Trucking crossed the centerline and collided with a vehicle on the other side of the road. Both occupants in said vehicle were killed.

The accident occurred on March 28, 2017, and the cause has been attributed to the trucker falling asleep behind the wheel. Law enforcement at the crash site discovered the driver did not possess records-of-duty status for the preceding seven days or a medical certificate. The company was found to be in violation of multiple federal laws.

Violations include failure to perform proper inspections on vehicles, failure to ensure drivers complied with houses-of-service requirements, and failure to comply with driver licensing requirements. Because of this, the carrier was named an imminent threat to the motoring public and subsequently ordered to halt its operations.

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