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FMCSA Altering Rules Help Out New Drivers?

FMCSA Altering Rules Help Out New Drivers?

The trucking industry is in serious need of qualified talent, and carriers have been taking major steps to increase the size of their rosters. With an estimated 250,000 open positions in the US freight industry, regulators are also doing their part to make the industry more welcoming to new drivers.

While carriers can sweeten the deal with higher pay or better equipment, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is taking steps to lower barriers to entry. One of the major changes being made to the Federal Register deals with the duration of a commercial learner’s permit.

This proposed rule would increase the duration of a permit from six months to one year. This gives drivers more time to train and decreases the costs and hassle associated with reapplying for a permit.

The other change helps active or former military veterans transition into the trucking field more easily. If a person was employed in a military position requiring the operation of a motor vehicle within the past year, they will be able to waive the CDL knowledge test. This, alongside a 2016 update that can allow a similar waiver of the skills test, will help drivers transition to the roads quicker.

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