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Fleet Complete Joins Blockchain in Trucking Alliance

Fleet Complete Joins Blockchain in Trucking Alliance

Trucking has never been opposed to new technology. While it has been called one of the most old-school industries out there, drivers and managers alike have improved their operations with the latest tech developments.

A newer type of tech that has been making an impact for quite some time is the blockchain. This distributed digital ledger provides reliable framework for contracts, transactions, and communications across multiple platforms.

Fleet Complete recently joined the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance, (BiTA). The organization is dedicated to providing education and resources for the implementation of blockchain technology in the freight industry.

Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete, commented on the decision. He said it was natural, and that Fleet Complete is passionate about making complex business operations simple for customers. This practice is much easier to achieve on the blockchain.

The technology promises to speed things up with the smart-contract system, allowing for automatic payments and self-executing transactions.

With the blockchain, drivers would be able to receive immediate pay upon the completion of deliveries. Things like maintenance and fueling would be handled through pre-established agreements and parameters. The result would see more time (and money) saved for those who use the system.

The blockchain could be compared to the logistics aspect of trucking, in that they both involve planning ahead and achieving readiness. The freight industry has seen a change in it’s traditional product-based approach to a more customer-centric model over the past decade. The focus of the freight industry has always been on finding ways to deliver reliable solutions in the quickest and most economical manner possible. Using the blockchain will be key in achieving this in the future.

Craig Fuller, the co-founder of BiTA, was very complimentary of Fleet Complete and their telematic leadership. This type of skillset will be extremely beneficial to the implementation of the blockchain across the global freight industry. The company is known for their ability to plan the setup of comprehensive systems for their clients, a skill BiTA will undoubtedly benefit from.

There are always little things that cause headaches in trucking. Delays, miscommunications, misrepresentation – but with the blockchain, the industry may be able to reduce these issues significantly.

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