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Five Ways Truck Driving Has Changed in Recent Decades

Five Ways Truck Driving Has Changed in Recent Decades

When most people think of truck driving, they think of a driver making their way down the road to ensure their shipment arrive onsite in time. While this is a somewhat accurate depiction, it is also very basic. Experienced truckers can attest to the fact that truck driving involves licensing, certifications, working with vendors, and numerous other important factors. All industries change, and truck driving is no different. Though the economy will still need dedicated drivers to keep products moving and commerce going, the driving industry has experienced several changes in recent decades.

Drivers Work with Multiple Dispatchers and Companies

In the past, truckers would work with only a handful of companies and could expect to be paired with the same dispatcher on the vast majority of their trips. But with growing industries and more competition in the world of truck driving, drivers in recent decades have become accustomed to working with multiple companies and different personnel to complete their journey. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it gives truckers a more varied pool of experience and allows them to transition to new jobs seamlessly.

Many Drivers Now Work for Themselves

While some drivers embrace the challenge of working for new companies and changing their employer of choice to help broaden their resume, others opt to go into business on their own. The licensing and certification processes are now easier than ever, as trucker reports detail the requirements and also provide valuable practice materials. Guides are also online to help truckers log their expenses and file their taxes as a self-employed independent contractor.

The Industry is Much More Regulated

Many people look at regulations as a negative thing. This can be true when such regulations are intrusive and limit a driver’s ability to get work and do their job. However, many recent and semi-recent regulations in the trucking industry pertaining to licensing, hours, and pay are largely a product of the industry itself. This allows drivers to enjoy a more successful and happy career. Because of this, many more people desire to enter the industry.

Truck Driving is a Much More Lucrative Occupation

In the past, truck drivers were known to work longer hours for lesser pay. While things still aren’t perfect in the industry, truckers have a lot more options in terms of getting a fair wage and reasonable hours. Guidelines pertaining to delivery times and quotas have also been updated to take a bit of the pressure off drivers. While truck driving is still a tough occupation, the rewards now more closely match the obligations.

Getting into the Field is Much Easier

Many people have thought about getting into the truck driving industry, but a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. In the past, getting your foot in the door was much more difficult. But with an increased number of truck driving schools popping up in recent decades and online resources making CDL exam preparation easier than ever before, the industry is much more accessible to newcomers. Given the growing popularity of the occupation, it’s a safe bet to say that more positive changes will occur in the years to come.
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