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Five Job Perks Trucker Should Consider

Five Job Perks Trucker Should Consider

In an industry where qualified talent is in high demand, sometimes truckers get their choice of positions when they’re in the market for a new job.

Though not every trucking position offers the kind of perks drivers look for, some have more redeeming qualities than others. But what are the best job-perks out there? There are a couple obvious ones like good pay and insurance. However, beyond these, there are many other small conditions a driver can have at their job to improve their experience and their quality of life.

One of the major benefits truck drivers look for is spending money for the road. This like fuel cards and food allowances ensure drivers don’t have their paycheck eaten up by the costs of the road. Rookie drivers are often caught off guard by these expenses, so dedicated funds for these ends makes any trip easier.

Another job perk that drivers appreciate is no-touch freight. Driving is stressful enough, but being required to move freight in unfamiliar areas can be even more arduous and demanding. Drivers with no-touch freight positions need only to make sure the freight is at the proper location at the right time.

One of the biggest drawbacks of truck driving has always been the long hours away from home. Serving as a tradeoff for the perk of getting to travel for a living, the non-traditional work arrangement makes guaranteed time off all-the-more enticing. Drivers who are given regularly scheduled days off can plan some relaxation time, get personal responsibilities taken care of, and dedicate time to their loved ones without being worried about unpredictable schedules.

With the fluctuations trucking is known for, it is not uncommon for drivers to exit the field due to large changes in their schedule. This isn’t always about not getting enough hours – sometimes drivers can be asked to work too much, and this can wear down even the most dedicated trucking veteran. Regular hours means a smoother and less-volatile career, which is something every driver can appreciate.

The final perk drivers should look for is new equipment. Even if a person is skilled behind the wheel, piloting a better rig will make their job easier and keep them safer.  

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