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Fatalities On The Decline As Trucking Industry’s Safety Measures Succeed

Fatalities On The Decline As Trucking Industry’s Safety Measures Succeed

The number of fatalities caused by trucks declined again this last year. The rate of fatalities has dropped to 1.6 per 100 million miles driven, which is a fantastic figure. The decrease in fatalities is being attributed to the rising safety standards and better training being provided to truckers in America. What is even better is that there is a huge decrease when we look at things in the long term, as fatalities caused by trucks are down 40 percent if viewed in the long term. This is a fantastic development and goes to show the trucking industry’s commitment to safety.

The statistics were announced by the president of the American Trucking Associations, Bill Graves. He highlighted the efforts of the trucking industry and said, “America’s trucking industry has invested billions to improve safety and that commitment is paying off.” His focus on the long term decline communicated the success.

He said, “The short-term decline is welcome news, but the important figure is the long-term trend. Short-term changes, whether they’re increases or declines, can be blips – and just like you shouldn’t track your 401k on a daily basis, they shouldn’t be the primary lens truck safety is viewed through. The long-term trend – in this case, a more than 40 percent improvement – is of paramount importance.”

Dave Osiecki, the vice president of the association, had similar words to say, “Our industry has worked hard, and invested in technology and training to improve highway safety not just for our drivers, but for all motorists.” Dave went on to say, “And while there is more work to do, it is gratifying to see those efforts paying off in safer roads for all of us.”

Safety has always been a priority for the trucking industry. Ensuring that civilians are safe is one of the most important tasks for the trucking industry and any improvement in this area is always welcome. The industry is trying many different things in order to increase the safety of everyone on the road. This means making things better for truckers and ensuring that they are not overworked. It also means adding better braking systems in the trucks, as these can lead to someone staying alive. Better training is also being looked into; however, the training given right now already has a huge focus on the safety of civilians. – See more at:

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