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Factors That Are Reshaping the Trucking Industry

Factors That Are Reshaping the Trucking Industry

Those in the trucking industry are familiar with the ins and outs of the job. However, this involves much more than simply getting from point a to point b on schedule. Trucking companies and independent truckers work with a number of different vendors and companies. In addition, driving in multiple districts and regions means complying with a variety of local, state, and federal regulations. Given that laws and industries change over time, it is only natural that the trucking industry is constantly shaped and changed by these factors.

Economic Factors
Whether its rising gas prices, increased consumer demand for certain types of products, or dwindling sales in a given industry, multiple economic factors can affect a trucker’s line of work. While costs and demand constantly fluctuate in related industries, the trucking industry is tasked with trying to provide steady work to all employed truckers while meeting the demands of clients. This can prove to be cumbersome at times, as multiple affected parties have a say in how truckers do their job.

Corporate Factors
From the trucking companies that want quick delivers to the retail chains that want their products delivered on time and in good shape, corporate interests play a large part in the trucking industry. Drivers are constantly faced with pressure from large companies and executives who employ them for deliveries and vendor services. Every business has a tendency to only look at their own bottom line, so taking an occupation like trucking which requires one to work with many different organizations at once leads to constant changes on the job.

Legal Factors
Given that so many corporate powers play a role in the trucking industry, it is only natural that regulations and laws develop to help manage these disputes. Some laws pertain to the amount of time a company must give their truckers in order to make deliveries. This is to ensure drivers aren’t coerced into speeding in order to make it back on schedule. Since trucks do have an intimidating road presence when compared to other vehicles, numerous traffic regulations and licensing requirements also exist to help protect everyone on the road.

Generational Factors
With many veterans in the industry nearing retirement, a “passing of the torch” is in effect as new drivers enter the industry. While the pool of drivers is admittedly smaller, trucking companies have gone to great lengths to make sure that those who are interested in this field can get involved. Truck driving schools, CDL practice exams, and trucker reports are all valuable resources for anyone who is looking to break into the industry. Given the changes in recent years, new drivers are always welcomed to help keep freight moving and commerce going.

Have the Changes Been Positive or Negative?

The factors that have reshaped the trucking industry have been both beneficial and detrimental to truckers in a variety of ways. Every change can be adapted to, and many companies and even independent truckers have remained steadfast in the industry throughout its evolution in recent decades. Even as new factors continue to reshape trucking, the industry will remain a vital part of commerce and exchange.
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