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Everything You Need To Know About Trailer Landing Gear 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Trailer Landing Gear 2016

Recently, most landing gear manufacturers have focused on producing newer models of the landing systems, which are impervious to rust or any form of corrosion. This is a major concern for the drivers and fleet companies, because rust doesn’t only cover the exterior of the gear, it also creeps into the crevices and nooks of the device and the importance of landing gear is no secret. It can be of great help to the driver, while hauling the load. Its overall efficiency though, depends on how all the components work together, to decrease the work load of the driver.

When a driver is hooking or unhooking the trailer from the main body, simply analyzing the exterior is not enough. A complete and thorough investigation and evaluation test should be performed, after each completed haul, to determine if the interior of the landing gear is as pristine as the other parts.

Brian Moynihan, Vice President of Trailer Product Sales and Development, at Jost International, said in a statement, “Landing Gear continues to be one of the areas of the trailer that is susceptible to corrosion created by the use of chlorides for snow and ice control. Internal corrosion will cause the nut and elevating screw inside of the landing gear to corrode and cause the landing gear to fail prematurely.”

To protect the insides, an internal grease tube can be used to encapsulate the elevating screw. Each time the legs are cramped up/down, a freshly coated greased screw will prevent any corrosive chlorides from germinating on the screw. However, this doesn’t mean that the exterior of the landing system should not be protected.

Zoran Tomic, Director of Global Landing Gear Product Planning and Market Development, Trailers System for SAF-Holland, said in his statement, “We are concerned about ensuring the ‘chipping resistance’ of the top treated surfaces and slowing down the progress of corrosion propagation, or what’s commonly known as rust creep.”

However, the company has been successful in producing a corrosion and rust preventive chemical, known as Black Armor, that bonds with metal to form an impenetrable skin. It is water resistant and icing-chemical resistant. Another area of focus for landing gear manufacturing enterprises is drivers’ safety and performance enhancing ergonomics variables.

Jost has designed a low gear lifting ratio of 32 turns/inch of travel. This means that the landing gear will be able to lift a load without any excessive force, which will offer the driver high feasibility to control the landing gear while retracting the legs to the ground or vice versa.

Moynihan expressed his future plans, concerning the landing gear, in his statement. He said, “In 2016 Jost will be introducing a new landing gear model with a new gear train and shifting system that will allow the landing gear to shift from high gear to low gear automatically. As soon as this new landing gear model detects a load on the legs, it will shift automatically into low gear. When the load is removed from the legs it will automatically shift into high gear.” – See more at:

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