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The Emerging Trend That Could Revitalize the US Trucking Industry

The Emerging Trend That Could Revitalize the US Trucking Industry

While truckers are impacted by a number of local, state, and federal regulations, many are unaware how much global trade impacts the trucking industry. Though nearly everyone would likely to see an increase in commerce and employment in the country where they reside, few are certain as to how the trucking industry can grow in a lackluster economy.

Some experts claim that the industry may see a boom thanks to the emerging trend of “reshoring.” By moving manufacturing back to the US, companies are presenting opportunities for truckers. Trucking companies who are happy to coordinate the logistics and transportation efforts for this increase in production can expect an increase in business.

While goods shipped to the US from other countries may be picked up at ports by trucks and transported to the necessary locations, having the manufacturing process take place in the country allows for more trucking jobs.

More companies are opting to bring back their efforts from overseas – and this is great for those involved in the trucking industry. The manufacturing process is a very involved one, requiring parts and components to be transported to locations as needed. This has a multiplicative effect on job growth in the trucking industry.

With more economic activity taking place within the country (instead of goods simply being shipped to it from international producers) more truckers can find work. Trucking companies can build successful business relationships with manufacturers to create long-term job stability.

Owner-operators can also enjoy an increased amount of opportunities as manufacturing jobs are reestablished across the country. But while reshoring can prove to be beneficial in term of growth in the trucking industry, many wonder what ramifications this will have on trucker pay and driving regulations.

Trucker pay is a touchy subject, but most would assume that an increased amount of competitors in the market would lead to lower rates being offered. However, high-end manufacturers will still pay good money to work with established trucking companies who they can depend on.

Smaller manufacturers who have brought their business back overseas in order to grow can be a great source of work for upstart truckers who are looking to establish themselves in the industry. Everyone can benefit from solid economic growth, and the process of reshoring will continue to prove beneficial for truckers of all experience levels.

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