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How Electronic Organization Software Benefits the Trucking Industry

How Electronic Organization Software Benefits the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry can be a risky one, with large trucks full of heavy freight being taken on long and unfamiliar routes. Because of this, there are numerous regulatory measures put in place to help promote a safe experience for truckers and the drivers they share the road with. Keeping up with all modern regulations can seem a bit cumbersome, as mandates affect everything from how truckers must transport special materials to how often they must rest during a long trip. But new technology has been developed to help truckers and trucking companies achieve seamless regulatory compliance through electronic logging of safety documents.

A driver piloting a commercial rig must have more than their CDL. Shipment details, inspection logs, and accurate lists of hours worked must also be kept on hand. Any of these things can be checked at a routine state or local roadside inspection, and drivers who are unprepared may incur costly fines. Mobile devices and tablets alike can both be used to maintain logs electronically on modern software suites. And while this type of advancement in the industry promotes convenience, it can also help truckers and trucking companies cut costs associated with regulatory violations.
While trucking companies that violate regulations may be subject to fines, there are additional and sometimes indirect penalties depending on the type of violation committed. For example, those who fail to schedule a routine safety audit may incur a small financial penalty.

However, a trucker who is in an accident caused by safety violations may experience soaring insurance costs and a damaged reputation preventing them from getting future business. And given that the scope of trucking regulations is very broad, specialized options have been developed to help trucking companies and owner-operators alike organize their trips quickly without violating any safety regulations.

Sometimes truckers are so concerned with making a delivery ahead of schedule that they may accidentally skip over certain regulatory requirements. This type of common problem has resulted in many companies in the trucking industry establishing solutions designed for speedy regulatory compliance. Whether its route-planning in accordance with weight limits or logistical calculations for the delivery of hazardous materials, truckers now have access to advanced technology designed to help them improve their journey. Speed and safety can be achieved simultaneously when truckers work with the right partner companies, and this type of resource is vital for steady growth.

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