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ELD Mandate Deadline Less Than Half-a-Year Away

ELD Mandate Deadline Less Than Half-a-Year Away

There are only five months left in 2017 for drivers to comply with the upcoming federal mandate on electronic logging devices. As the December 18th deadline draws closer, some drivers and carriers are still adjusting to the change. Others are waiting for guidance and assistance moving forward with the switch.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is expected to help provide training and instruction on the matter. The only problem is that the organization has not received any instructions of their own from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on how to proceed with these matters and enforce the regulation effectively.

The most likely scenario is that inspectors will be given information in each state, and they will move forward to provide nation-wide enforcement for the new mandate. While the proceedings have not been finalized, many drivers and company managers are waiting anxiously for the next step.

There are about 3.5 million commercial truck drivers in the U.S. currently, with many still unprepared to comply with the new changes. A switch over from paper logs is something many were opposed to, especially smaller carriers and independent drivers. The concerns about cost have been enough to delay the transition for a good portion of the industry, and this factor was one of the main concerns present with the mandate was passed.

Despite the continuing controversy, regulators claim that it is unlikely truckers will see a repeal of the ELD law anytime soon. But a spokesperson for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, which has over 150,000 members who are drivers, said they’ve seen “no indication” that law enforcement is prepared to enforce this mandate.

If the current state of things was merely shaky, it would be inconvenient but expected given the largescale nature of the change. However, the complete lack of materials at this time makes things a bit more tense. Luckily, training materials for roadside personnel are expected to be released this fall, providing training for trainers, allowing a large number of inspectors to be caught up to speed in a short time.

Drivers who are using paper logs must transition to ELDs by December 18th of this year, while drivers using Automatic On-Board Recording Devices must make the switch by December 18th 2019.

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