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ELD Exemption Granted to Short-Term Rentals

ELD Exemption Granted to Short-Term Rentals

Truckers who rent trucks for a period of eight days or less will not be required to log hours using electronic devices.

This exemption was just granted to the Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRLA) amid growing concerns and continued protests of the upcoming ELD mandate. While drivers who get short-term rentals won’t have to log their hours electronically, they’ll still be subject to the same hours-of-service rules.

Drivers of rental trucks will still be required to keep paper logs, as well as a copy of the rental agreement. They will also need a copy of the exemption notice. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration noted that those who operate beyond the eight-day period without an ELD would be considered in violation of the rule.

TRLA officials had stated months ago that they supported the ELD rule, but did note that it had the potential to negatively impact the renting and leasing business. They originally campaigned for an exemption period of 30 days, but this was deemed to be too long and too much of a threat to standard HOS rules and the integrity of hourly records.

The period of eight days was decided on based on the malfunction window in the mandate. This calls for drivers to reconstruct their on-duty status for the current day and the previous seven in the event that the ELD malfunctions.

Many major groups in trucking were reportedly in favor of this exemption. They include the American Trucking Associations, the Truckload Carriers Association, and more. Several groups, such as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety oppose it.

Many drivers and groups within the industry have been pushing for a full repeal or at the very least an industry-wide delay. There have been claims of privacy violations and a war against smaller carriers by those on the opposing side of the debate. For those in favor of ELDs, small-scale exceptions are likely the only kind they’d support.

The mandate, which goes into effect December 18, will have a grace period lasting until April 1 to provide extra time for the industry to comply.

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