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Driver Shortage Creating Employment Opportunities For Veterans

Driver Shortage Creating Employment Opportunities For Veterans

The United States government has urged employers in the private sector to offer jobs to army personnel returning from service, and one such industry is in full support of the program. Anthony Foxx, U.S. Transportation Secretary said, “Our nation’s veterans deserve good-paying jobs when they return home from serving overseas, and we are proud to help. Thousands of active duty service members and veterans have already transferred their skills to jobs driving trucks and buses through the Military Skills Test Waiver Program and we look forward to helping even more now that we’ve expanded to all 50 states.”

Furthermore, Anne S. Ferro, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator added, “Commercial drivers fulfill a vital role ensuring that America’s economy continually moves forward. Service members who have clocked countless miles safely working behind the wheel Trucking Companies Looking to Hire Veterans of a military vehicle will now have more time and opportunity to find long-term employment in the commercial driving industry. Reducing the burden of finding civilian jobs is one of the best ways we can thank members of our military and their families for their service to our nation.”

With the recent expansion of the program by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), aimed at helping veterans and currently serving army personnel awaiting deployment, transition into civilian professions, such as drivers of commercial buses and trucks, to all 50 states across America, as well as the District of Columbia; a significant number of trucking companies are not only willing to hire, but even pay for the training of these veterans, and help them become a fundamental part of American society.

One such company is based in Kansas by the name of YRC Freight. The company’s recruitment director, Renfrew said, “They have leadership skills and they work hard.”

Another company specifically wanting to hire veterans is TMC. With about 30% of its fleet of trucks having veterans behind the wheel, they are still looking to hire more:

“TMC has a long history of hiring current and former military personnel into every job category we have. TMC recently pledged to hire 500 military veterans by 2015 in conjunction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ‘Hiring Our Heroes’ program.”

The rate of unemployment in veterans currently hovers around 6.2%, a significant decrease from last year. And we can thank the trucking industry for that.

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