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Driver in Stolen Truck Crashes into Nevada Brothel

Driver in Stolen Truck Crashes into Nevada Brothel

Visitors frequent the Moonlight Bundy Ranch in Carson City, Nevada. However, last Thursday the site experienced an event unlike anything visitors were expecting.

A truck driver from Reno backed up a tractor-trailer through the gate of the famous brothel and crashed into the entrance in the middle of the night. An employee said the incident sounded like a bomb going off, and owner Dennis Hof was startled upon investigating the commotion.

The driver was wearing a mask and body armor during the time of the crash, and the truck he was driving had been stolen from his former place of work. Central Transport Trucking spokesman Mickey Blashfield confirmed this, also adding that the driver had been fired recently for inappropriate behavior. The company’s director of safety said the issue had been related to accidents, and also mentioned the man had attacked a fellow employee at the company.

The driver is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, property destruction, and possession of stolen property. Despite the $400,000 worth of damages the brothel sustained, no injuries were reported.

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