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Driver from Maverick Transportation Named Highway Angel

Driver from Maverick Transportation Named Highway Angel

Truck drivers are often recognized for going above and beyond to help others by giving their time on America’s roadways. But while drivers support the economy and every community in the country by ensuring freight gets to its destination on time, sometimes a trucker will do even more to have a positive impact.

Recently a truck driver from Sparta Illinois was honored for the act of performing CPR on another driver who was suffering from a heart attack. Mark McConachie was presented with the title of Highway Angel by the Truckload Carrier’s Association for this courageous act.

The trucker had been employed with the HVAC industry for sixth years, and noticed a fellow trucker acting odd after a lunch break. When the driver fell, McConachie took action. He directed an employee of Atlas Tube, the company he was making a deliver to, to call 911. He started CPR and did not stop until medical help arrived.

McConachie had learned the technique during basic training for the army. He and an employee of Atlas Tube tended to the individual who was still breathing when they were put in the ambulance. Unfortunately, the individual later passed away at the hospital.

But the act is still receiving special recognition as this type of reaction does have the potential to save lives. The heroic trucker was presented with a certificate, truck decals, and a lapel pin.

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