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Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Downtime: 4 Things to Do

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Downtime: 4 Things to Do

Life on the road can be difficult. Sometimes a long route can seem endless, and when a driver is finally able to leave the cab for a few days they obviously want to enjoy their downtime as much as possible. After getting a good amount of rest to recover from the stress the job brings, most truckers spend their time off relaxing with family and friends. But it’s important to remember that since days off can be few and far between for a trucker, one must use them wisely. This means getting important things done before the road calls again. Here are four things every truck driver should remember to do during their time off.

01. Going to Health Appointments

Nagging cold that won’t seem to go away? Tooth getting a little sensitive to eat on? Health issues can seem more severe on the road, but some truckers are so happy to get time off that they practically ignore these issues once they return home. However, it’s important to get any potential health concerns looked at by a physician before returning to the road. Skipping out on this could mean another week or more without getting proper medical attention. This could cause an issue to become much more problematic.

02. Dedicating Time to Personal Hobbies

Whether it’s working on your car, playing guitar, or shooting a game of pool with friends, make sure you use your downtime to nurture personal hobbies and interests that relax you. It can be easy to curl up in bed and lounge around the house for the entire duration of your time off, but giving time to the things that you enjoy can help ease your mind and make you more content. It’s also a great time to pick up a new hobby. This will give a trucker something more to look forward to when they get back out on the road and are waiting for their next day off.

03. Connecting with Family and Friends – Online!

Every trucker enjoys spending time with their friends and family whenever they get time off. Oftentimes being away from loved ones is the hardest part of a trucker’s job. In order to make sure that you’re able to communicate with those you care about when you go back out on the road, it’s important to connect with them online. More truckers than ever are using things like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat so they can communicate with others when they have to leave again.

04. Staying Active

Since truck drivers do experience fatigue due to the amount of concentration and endurance required to pilot a large rig for a long period of time, many are ready to crash on the couch once they arrive home. However, drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel rarely get an opportunity to move and stretch their legs. Going for a walk, hitting the gym, or even throwing a football with the kids can help any truck driver improve their health and their mood. Making the most of downtime is important for not getting burnt out and remaining steadfast in the trucking industry. – See more at:

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