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Donation of Goods by Ellicott City family to a Small West Virginia Town

Donation of Goods by Ellicott City family to a Small West Virginia Town

People started to gather in front of Ciniero family house in Ellicott City on the first Saturday of December. They brought cars containing clothing items, toys, and furniture that they didn’t use anymore. These items were being filled in an 18-wheel truck which was parked in the driveway of the house. Ciniero family has been following the tradition, for the past 18 years, of sending 18 – wheeler truck to a small town, Crum, which is close to Kentucky border.

When the family lost a baby girl, Emily, in the year 1997, they started off with this tradition to giveaway her baby stuff. However, the mother of the girl did not want to sell it or give it to some place which will end up selling eventually. The family got in contact with an international charity based in Connecticut, named as Save the Children, and came to a conclusion. Ciniero stated, “We were going to put all of it in a van and drive it up, but word got out in the neighborhood. The next thing we know, our garage was filled to the brim.”

The people receiving the donation were so thankful that they continued sending the donations, and that is how the family, together with community members, collected goods after the weekend of Thanksgiving. The goods are transported by Bob Ruckman, who is a truck driver from Western Virginia, after driving for 8 hours to this small town. Getting a 50 foot trailer truck there is troublesome too as the town is very small. The driver takes the truck in the Starting Points Centre, which is in the middle of the town. The driver himself is not only providing free services and free truck, but also pays for the fuel money.

The people lives in a very poor condition in the small town as Ciniero explained, “One year, a family up there almost lost their kids to social services because they didn’t have beds.” Ciniero and her daughter concluded that it couldn’t have been possible without the community’s support and the truck driver’s assistance.

It was initially a big responsibility which the family was unsure to take up on their shoulders. Shannon, the daughter of Andrea Ciniero, said, “I thought she was crazy for taking it on. I just thought it was a huge commitment.” Nevertheless, with time and help of their neighbors, the family sends 18 – wheeler truck every year from Ellicott City to the West Virginia town. – See more at:

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