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Does Climate Change Affect the Public’s Perception of Truckers?

Does Climate Change Affect the Public’s Perception of Truckers?

Truck driving has long been seen as a vital, but perhaps underappreciated profession. While not given the same amount of notoriety as other workers who help keep America’s economy connected and sustained, drivers do play an integral role in making supply meet demand.

But economic concerns aren’t the only things making headlines in 2017. The topic of climate change is also becoming more prevalent as the impact of industries on the environment becomes more noticeable. But the question remains: given that the freight industry is known for fossil fuel emissions, does this change the public’s perception of them?

From an economic standpoint, the answer seems to be no. Truck driving remains the most popular occupation in nearly 80% of US states. The trucking industry has also worked directly with lawmakers, and worked to pursue new safety regulations for the safety of the motoring public.

Though their job does require them to burn through fuel, this is only done to meet the demands of consumers across all other industries. In this aspect, truck drivers are like any other worker who provides stability for the economy. They are simply performing a job, and an important one at that.

But it would be inaccurate to say one would have to choose between a healthy economy and a lighter carbon footprint. Many people are still unaware that the trucking industry has taken steps to reduce emissions. These include pursuing cleaner engines and in some cases even fully electric vehicles.

This type of technology is becoming more common in the industry, with Elon Musk planning to introduce solar-powered trucking technology in the future. While this transition will be slow as to offset the expenses of making such a big change, trucking continues to enjoy a positive perception to anyone who knows the positive steps they’re taking.

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