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Distracted Driver Awareness Month – West Virginia Truckers Promote Safe Habits

Distracted Driver Awareness Month – West Virginia Truckers Promote Safe Habits

Even the most high-tech safety equipment and in-depth regulations can’t prevent accidents if drivers aren’t alert when they’re piloting a commercial vehicle. And while numerous steps have been taken in the industry to minimize the possibility of accidents due to fatigue, faulty parts, or other similar factors, a good focus on the fundamentals is still the best way to stay safe behind the wheel. Even a driver with years of experience driving trucks on unfamiliar routes can get into an accident if they aren’t paying attention to the road. And truckers in West Virginia have recently organized to help promote safe driving practices and speak out against distracted driving.

Distracted Driver Awareness Month is dedicated to reminding all types of drivers about how important it is to focus on the road when behind the wheel. The West Virginia Trucking Association is working with the American Trucking Association’s “Share the Road” highway safety program to help promote safe habits and remind everyone of what can happen if a driver takes their focus away from the task at hand.

Jane Vineyard, president of the West Virginia Trucking Association said: “People just need to slow down, pay attention, and focus on their driving. They need to be worried about getting to their destination safely. Can a text wait five minutes? If it can’t, then find some place to pull off the road and to make that text.” An increased focus has been placed on texting in recent years, as this new form of communication has been a prominent cause of auto accidents for various types of vehicles.

Given that distracted driving is the number one cause of fatal auto accidents in the US, the WVTA is reminding drivers to abide by basic safety habits. Having plenty of sleep, keeping phones out of sight, and remaining focused on the road are all fundamental but effective ways for preventing accidents. And while a greater emphasis has been given to safety-based technology and laws in recent years, there is no substitute for proper education about driving fundamentals.

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