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Did Erie Set Up a Trap for Truckers?

Did Erie Set Up a Trap for Truckers?

The Erie Board of Trustees recently raised the penalty for truck drivers who pass through the town in a semitractor-trailer. The update, which occurred last month, raises the fee from $1,030 to $2,650.

While city officials say the ordinance was created as a safety measure, it has caused concern due to its unusually high amount. The fine is currently one of the most severe a driver can receive – in the entire state.

Professional truck drivers have complained about the ordinance in the city’s traffic court, calling the move greedy and even claiming the move constitutes a “truck trap,” rather than a traditional speed trap.

One driver was forced to pay a ticket despite making a local delivery to the area. The location of a weight limit sign caught the driver off guard, and he was forced to turn down a road in the town as he had no space to turn back east on Highway 52 – during rush hour.

The driver was cited by police shortly thereafter, and given a $1,030 ticket. The same officer has ticketed 28 truckers over the course of the past year.

Truckers have discussed boycotting the issue, with many of them claiming that while they may have been forced to pay tickets, they will not be doing any more business with the town.

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