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Diagnose Problems On The Road: Daimler And Zonar

Diagnose Problems On The Road: Daimler And Zonar

Zonar, the telematics company, and DTNA (North American division of Daimler Trucks) are further strengthening their partnership, and look forward to offering over the air, engine-programming by the start of next year.

The two companies made this announcement in Germany earlier this month while speaking at a media event.

Matthew Pfaffenbach, who is the head of telematics at DTNA, says that in case anyone has to take their mobile device out to the store for a certain period of time while it was software updates, the person will definitely not be happy.

Parameters such as settings for speed limiter and other features are going to be programmable in remote fashion without the need to take a truck into the shop. This will enable fleets to take make over the air changes such as decreasing the allowed top speed when fuel prices are on an increase.

The North American Division of Daimler Trucks has also taken minority ownership stake in the telematics company Zonar. Together, both of these companies have been able to develop the Virtual Technician platform for remote diagnostics which is offered by DTNA. According to Pfaffenbach, the typical job of a virtual technician is to offer advice to fleet owners regarding how they should responsed to any fault code within 20 minutes of the code’s appearance.

He further added that nearly 20% of all the fault codes that are recorded by the Virtual Technician platform are addressable by the driver on their own without the need for taking trucks off the road.

The partnership of Daimler and Zonar definitely seems like a strong one as both of these companies are positioned to support one another through their projects. One thing is for certain, with Zonar’s assistance, DTNA is looking forward to revolutionize the trucking industry with the Virtual Technician platform as this technology will become commercialized and fleets will have it installed in their trucks.

This will enable the truckers to address common problems without needing to take their truck to the shop. This definitely promises to be a remarkable achievement which we will be seeing soon.

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