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Details of CVSA’s 2017 International Roadcheck

Details of CVSA’s 2017 International Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will hold its annual International Roadcheck inspection between June 6 and June 8 this year according to their website. This event is designed to bring together inspectors for a 72-hour event designed to boost vehicle inspections and promote the benefits gained from said inspections.

By placing an emphasis on thorough and detailed inspections, the industry is able to boost compliance rates, educate others, and promote safety on America’s roads. The annual inspection gains a new theme each year. Last year’s theme was tire safety, but the one for 2017 has not yet been announced.

Last year’s spree of inspections ended up putting 3.4 percent of drivers out of service along with over a fifth of all trucks inspected. A total of 62,796 inspections were performed, with 1,436 drivers being affected by violations. While tires were the focus of last year’s event, brakes and hours were at the top of the list for most violations.

Not only does the CVSA perform these inspections each year, they provide valuable information and resources to both truck drivers and inspectors. Increasing the amount of inspections done is always a goal of the event, and topics that could be pertinent this year include log reading and engine maintenance.

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