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Has A Decrease in Education Grants Affected The Trucking Industry?

Has A Decrease in Education Grants Affected The Trucking Industry?

Getting into a profitable career field that you enjoy can be one of the best moves anyone will ever make. But with the rising costs of education and uncertainties concerning financial aid, getting started in the industry of your choosing can seem difficult. Truckers need to have a solid amount of road knowledge and hands-on skills in order to pass their CDL exam. In order to make sure they are adequately prepared for this important test, many aspiring drivers are quick to look into trucking school. But has a decrease in government funding for school loans led to a decline in new truck drivers?

Why Do Truck Drivers Need Funds for Education?

Contrary to what some may believe, truckers go through a large amount of education in order to refine their craft. According to estimates, a quality CDL training program can cost as much as $7000. Most who are starting out in the trucking industry don’t have the funds to front the entire cost alone. Though loans can be an option, this is a commitment that many starting truckers don’t want to take on at the beginning of their career. While government grants can be a helpful option when it comes to any type of education, they’re becoming harder to come by due to economic pressures. Thankfully, other options have emerged to bridge the gap and help truckers start their CDL training.

How Private Alternatives Are Aiding Aspiring Truckers

Trucking schools have all the resources needed to help give anyone the CDL training they need. With high-quality instructors and information reflecting the latest CDL exams, these schools can be a valuable asset to aspiring truckers. However, truckers can also be an asset for these schools. Most trucking schools are part of a company, and these companies are always willing to hire new drivers. Since these new drivers may lack the bargaining power needed to demand a high salary, trucking companies are often willing to cover the cost of their schooling in exchange for students agreeing to work for them for a period of time afterwards.

Is This Arrangement Better or Worse for Drivers?

While government grants may be preferable, the deal truck driving schools can offer starting truckers is not a bad alternative. It covers the startup costs a trucker will face and can also get them their first job. All things considered, the declining amount of government money given to educational grants may have initially impacted the trucking industry. But with alternatives available, it’s still possible for aspiring drivers of all income levels to hit the road.

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