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Data Shows Truck Driver Wages Are Rising

Data Shows Truck Driver Wages Are Rising

In an industry where time is money, those who spend the majority of their lives on the road away from home need to be compensated accordingly. Unfortunately, some drivers have felt that a period of lackluster wages has plagued the trucking industry for quite some time. But recent data shows that this trend may finally be changing.

Glassdoor noted that truck driving jobs saw a 7.8% wage increase in October compared to a year ago. This is the biggest increase out of 60 common professions and is also 5% higher than the average overall wage growth for all jobs on the site. Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain said: “We have a booming economy, we’re seven years into the expansion and truck drivers are the front line.”

Median pay for truckers is currently listed at $54,000. The American Trucking Associations reports that drivers who work for a private fleet can make as much as $73,000 a year. This is roughly twice as much as the average salary for machine operators and construction workers.

ATA reports indicate that the trucker shortage has gotten worse, with the number of drivers needed rising to 50,000. This total was only 30,000 just three years ago. But with economic conditions looking up and trucking demand poised to increase, carriers are taking notice and raising wages in order to attract new talent.

Chamberlain noted that trucking companies are hiking wages to find new employees, but they’re also offering additional perks that make the job a bit less grueling. Better benefits, regular home time, discount programs, and even new equipment are all things that carriers are using to help make driving positions more lucrative.

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