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How DAT Trucker Mobile App Will Impact the Industry

How DAT Trucker Mobile App Will Impact the Industry

Truckers are no strangers to the benefits of mobile technology. In a world where there seems to be an app for everything, it should come as no surprise that trucking apps have been adopted by drivers at a quick rate due to their ability to make any trip more convenient.

Formerly known as MyDAT Trucker, the newly revised DAT Trucker mobile app is designed to make any trip easier. By helping drivers plan trips, find safe parking zones, book reservations at trucker-friendly hotels, and more, this app can be a great companion to take along on any journey.

DAT Solutions is a well-known name in the trucking industry, and most veteran drivers have probably utilized DAT at one point or another. But while they provide blogs, resources, and other valuable information, their apps have been particularly well-received.

With over 750,000 downloads so far, the app has proven to be an intuitive and all-in-one trip planner that drivers of all experience levels can use to enhance their journey. The app is also welcomed by many trucking companies, as it helps them save time and money when it comes to planning out routes for drivers.

While DAT Solutions is known for providing rate benchmarking, supply and demand trends, and other information in the trucking industry, their expertise has allowed them to create this holistic tool for truckers who are actually on the road. Finding hotels and securing a parking spot in a safe lot can be challenging for drivers, especially on an impromptu or unfamiliar route.

DAT Trucker aims to help remove these stresses from drivers and to help trucking companies plan out routes quicker without inconveniencing their drivers.

Companies who are looking to cut costs by streamlining the process of route planning can make use of this app and save time in the process. Owner-operators will also be able to use this handy tool, as it helps them gain greater knowledge of routes that they drive often.

While some may have thought that mobile devices only helped to improve communication on the road and allow drivers to touch base with their loved ones during a route, DAT Solutions has proven that the mobile industry can help the trucking industry evolve and grow. By giving drivers a better understanding of their route and the resources at their disposal, this modified app will continue to improve the lives of truckers and trucking company owners alike.

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