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Daimler Trucks Offers Advanced Connectivity Service

Daimler Trucks Offers Advanced Connectivity Service

Staying connected is more important than ever in the trucking industry. In a fragmented market, connectivity can mean an increase in productivity, efficiency, and safety.

One carrier is working to give their customers all of these things through the use of a new service. Daimler Trucks recently announced that their North America division will be offering the service to fleets that use their Freightliner and Western Star trucks.

The company promises that the connectivity service will bring trucks and technology together more effectively, primarily by improving the approach to data analytics. Collecting and using information is important for carriers who want to stay competitive in the evolving freight industry, but this practice is known for being tough.

Daimler promises that their new system can take data analytics from a complex topic to a simple operation that is easily integrated into daily trucking operations. The company believes it is the duty of the manufacturer to provide information customers need, and an improved approach to actionable intelligence means clearer information for customers.

Better information about vehicle performance, statistics, and overall costs can help carriers of all sizes perform more effectively. Budgeting and planning becomes much easier with the right information, and this has been a popular concept in trucking for years.

The service is actually an upgrade of the 2011 launch, and includes things like remote diagnostics and driver performance monitoring. Managers can be alerted in real-time, giving them the ability to respond to problems quickly and ensure any accidents in their fleet are addressed.

One of the benefits of this system comes from its architecture, which allows for the implementation of other telematic solutions and third-party programs used for similar purposes. In the past, companies often found themselves stuck with static platforms which could not be changed or connected with other solutions. This option allows for the smooth integration of other systems.

A custom analysis, known as Detroit Diesel Engine Control (or DDEC) will give fleets access to detailed reports without requiring them to bring vehicles into the shop. The system will undoubtedly prove to be a helpful one, and will likely boost the appeal of Daimler and the trucks that come with this service.

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