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Cummins Launches All New B-Series Engine

Cummins Launches All New B-Series Engine

On March 1st at the World Truck Show, Cummins Inc. took the trucking world by storm after announcing 3 new products, led by the all new 2017 B6.7 diesel engine which adds to the manufacturer’s well renowned lineup of B-Series engines.

At the show, another one of the three products unveiled by Cummins is the 2017 L9 which is the sister engine of B6.7, whose ratings are from 720 pounds-ft to 1,250 pounds-ft and 260hp to 380hp. The last product they unveiled was the 2017 single module after-treatment. This product has brought a prominent reduction in terms of size.

Brett Merritt, the executive director at on-highway business says that the customers looking for medium duty trucks have definitely made the manufacturer (Cummins) their top choice for an engine manufacturer, simply because of the unparalleled up-time they get to experience with the company’s L- and B-Series engines. Merritt believes this is the exact same legacy which sets Cummins apart, a company that has already established more than almost a century of innovation in engines as well as over 30 years of L-Series and B-Series availability.
“This is why the classics are being redefined by Cummins,” says Merritt, as they are introducing the latest generations of L- and B-Series engines – the L9 and B6.7.

With stop to start ability and 7% better mileage, the B6.7 provides a ratings range of 520 pounds-ft-to-750 and 200hp to 325hp

Ever since the inception of the B-series engine way back in 1984 when it was launched, Cummins has produced more than 11.2 million engines.

Srikanth Padmanabhan, the vice president of the Cummins’ engine business (B-Series engine), believes that the engine is the American trucking market’s very own blue jeans.

The single module after-treatment, which is a client-driven design according to the company, mixes selective systems for catalytic reduction, a filter for diesel particulate, and a catalyst for diesel oxidation, within one canister.

According to Cummins, every single one of the new products will come equipped with connected diagnostics. This will have the ability to send out reports regarding the engine’s health to the cell phone of the driver. Cummins believes this will offer peace of mind as well as the most capable and largest support network across North America. – See more at:

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