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Cummins Diesel Engine Wins Jim Winsor Technical Achievement Award

Cummins Diesel Engine Wins Jim Winsor Technical Achievement Award

Certain pieces of equipment in the trucking industry have more of an impact than others. Whether it’s their valued features, their cost-efficient design, or a combination of the two, certain types of trucking equipment earn special recognition within the industry.

The Cummins X15 Efficiency Series diesel engine recently won the Truck Writers of North America’s Jim Winsor 2016 Technical Achievement Award. The award was given during an American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council’s annual meeting.

Jim Park, chairman of the TWNA awards committee, said: “The engine won for its advanced combustion design that includes a little-used Atkinson Cycle, and other features.”

Tim Proctor, the technical leader for the X15, said: “Cummins is honored to receive the Technical Achievement Award for our 2017 X15 Efficiency series, and it is especially relevant to us that this recognition comes from truck industry writers, many of whom have experienced the enhanced drivability and responsive performance of the X15 engine first hand,”

This model meets federal requirements for reduced emissions while also allowing drivers to enjoy a 3 percent improvement in fuel economy. The Atkinson Cycle is one of the main design choices that helps this model stand out in terms of cost-efficiency.

By limiting compression slightly, the engine allows for expansions to occur at larger-than-normal levels. This helps trucks utilize energy which would normally go to waste with engine types that don’t have this capability.

The engine is also designed to handle heat more effectively by utilizing an improved piston design. This helps extend the lifespan of parts and even allows for different components to be used, as heat-stress is no longer as big of an issue.

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