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Cummins and Eaton Boost Torque In Integrated Powertrain

Cummins and Eaton Boost Torque In Integrated Powertrain

Good news for all carriers who were tired of hauling heavy payloads; Eaton and Cummins have finally manufactured an integrated powertrain engine to offer efficiency.The new powertrain incorporating Eaton’s automated transmissions and Cummins ISX15 engines will now be producing a torque of 1,850 lb.-ft. as compared to the 1,750 lb.-ft. formerly. The powertrian by Cummins and Eaton has already been approved for GCW (gross combination weight) ratings of up to 140,000 lbs.

Eaton and Cummins when speaking to the public also announced that they have been working on a new SmartAdvantage series transmission optimized for 1,850 lb.-ft. rating. The series transmission will mostly likely be inaugurated in August 2016 with a limited GCW rating of 80,000 lbs.

According to the product manager of commercial powertrain Eaton, Ryan Trzybinski, stated, “This new rating is an ideal solution for performance-minded fleets. This also provides a huge upside for customers in the vehicle’s resale value.”

Trzybinski held the view that the additional torque will surely benefit the Long combination Vehicle applications in Canada and other states where it is most needed. The new model also extends to merge gears or lower them using the SmartTorque2 technology, giving drivers the leverage to enjoy additional toque when accelerating.

At TMC, Eaton introduced its latest GearLogic technology, incorporated with Cummins’ ADEPT electronic features. According to the companies’ officials, this new technology aims to provide a smoother delivery of features such as overspeed protection, Hill Start aid, enhanced engine braking, Vehicle Acceleration Management Smart coast and Blended pedal. The two companies seemed hopeful when talking about the possibilities and opportunities this new technology can bring for the companies.

“We continue to develop and commercialize new technologies to enhance the benefits of an Eaton/Cummins powertrain. This latest integration of electronics and advanced technology features provides our customers with more choices to meet their unique needs and preferences,” said Trzybinski.

The companies aim to work in collaboration to support its customers. They are now sharing diagnostic tools and offering integrated call centers and programs for all their customers. Cummins and Eaton also plan to cross train their service and sales teams so that they are well-equipped with the best human resource available to support their product lines.

But, that is not all that the two companies have been doing, the shared website has recently been upgraded to include a questionnaire to facilitate and help customers to find their best matching Smart Advantage powertrain for their applications.

Lastly, Eaton also announced that its medium-dual duty clutch transmission, which they like to call “Procision”, is already in production and will soon be introduced in the Freightliner and international trucks.
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