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Court Upholds ELD Mandate

Court Upholds ELD Mandate

A federal appeals court recently upheld a mandate that will require truck drivers to shift from paper log books to electronic devices in 2017. Since this mandates introduction, there have been plenty of heated debates about whether or not the rule will actually improve safety and how it will impact the performance of the trucking field.

But there are other reasons that many drivers and trucking groups oppose the mandate. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association filed a lawsuit against the Transportation Department in March on the grounds that electronic logging devices violate a driver’s right to privacy.

The court ruled in favor of the mandate on the ground that logging devices are strictly limited in the amount of information they can track. The trucking industry is no stranger to regulatory mandates, and a judge in the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that e-logs were a “reasonable” method for achieving safer roadways.

Jim Johnston, president and CEO of OOIDA, made a statement, saying: “We are disappointed and strongly disagree with the court’s ruling.” He said OOIDA, which has 158,000 members, including independent truckers and small fleets, is “reviewing our next steps to continue our challenge.”

The mandate is meant to limit a driver’s time behind the wheel and stop fatigue-related accidents. But many drivers and trucking organizations maintain that this mandate will allow carriers to track a driver’s movement and may also limit a driver’s ability to readjust their route due to road and weather conditions.

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