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Court Rejects Bid to Review ELD Mandate

Court Rejects Bid to Review ELD Mandate

By the end of this year, all commercial trucks must be equipped with electronic logging devices. This change from paper log books was purportedly enacted to ensure drivers were complying with hours-of-service rules. However, not everyone in the industry looks at the idea favorably.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association recently appealed to The Supreme Court to overturn the mandate, citing many different issues.

Not only do some in the trucking field believe the mandate constitutes a violation of privacy, but they believe it could lead to drivers being harassed by carriers over driving hours.

The bid was rejected, and the mandate is still scheduled to go into effect on December 18th.

The main complaint about the ELD mandate is that it is economically motivated. The cost for outfitting commercial vehicles with these devices will be high, and many believe that the move is a prime example of larger organizations using government to impose their ideas on others, keeping competition down in the process.

While many larger carriers have already complied with the mandate, smaller companies and independent drivers are still getting acclimated to the rule. These types of drivers, the kind which OOIDA represents, largely feel the mandate is designed to benefit larger carriers in the field.

Some carriers reported that drivers promised to quit once these changes were made. While some view the mandate as an economic tactic to benefit bigger organizations or a tool to undermine driver privacy, some simply view it as unnecessary.

Drivers who have used paper logs for years may view ELDs as an annoyance, and the long-term effects may be enough to push drivers out of the industry.

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