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Could Trucking Simulators Be the Future of Training?

Could Trucking Simulators Be the Future of Training?

Truck driving is a complicated job. Though people who have learned to pilot rigs with ease can make the task look simple, it takes plenty of time and training to get to that level. But training has the potential to evolve over time, and some believe that technology could have a major impact on the way future drivers are taught.

Columbia Basin College recently made headlines by unveiling their $100,000 truck driving simulator. This unique device represents a hefty investment into the future of commercial freight transport training solutions.

The purchase was supported by the college alongside Columbia Distributing’s Kennewick branch. This simulator not only allows users to practice with different types of commercial vehicles, but it also allows them to experiment with driving in multiple environments.

This type of solution has the potential to bring training opportunities to locations that would’ve otherwise not had them. While the cost may stop this type of device from becoming a mainstay in educational institutions and truck driving schools across the country in the foreseeable future, the price could come down if these devices prove to be popular enough to warrant further production.

While creators have acknowledged that the simulator is by no means equivalent to an actual commercial vehicle, the simulator can help get students comfortable with the feel of a truck to make their actual training much easier.

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