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Could Mobile Technology Protect Drivers from Shady Dealings?

Could Mobile Technology Protect Drivers from Shady Dealings?

The topic of driver treatment has been a popular one in trucking as of late. With so many instances of drivers facing unfair and hazardous working conditions, it seems a movement may be in effect to change things.

While there has been a push for better working conditions in trucking for decades, a recent string of problematic situations has many drivers and administrators looking for a better solution. The main problem is clear – some carriers are not treating their employees as they should. Dangers and exploitative working arrangements, violations of regulatory measures, and breaches of contract are all things drivers have had to deal with from their employers.

While this certainly isn’t the case with every company in the trucking industry, those affected (and those concerned about the problem spreading) are looking for a way to hold guilty parties accountable.

The problem? They’re known as chameleon carriers.

One of many nicknames given to trucking companies that use a devious loophole, these carriers will change their name and DOT number to avoid facing repercussions for their actions.  In a recent case, one carrier even avoided giving a payout to a wronged employee by simply rebuilding under a different company name and identity.

Those with a reputation for cheating employees and avoiding responsibility are a big hazard to the trucking industry as a whole. With so many problems being addressed today through digital and mobile solutions, some are wondering if this could be the solution for drivers looking to make their grievances known.

Just as mobile apps help drivers discuss things like where to find parking or food, they may also have a place in the area of carrier-reputation management. Drivers could potentially use mobile networks to spread the word about their previous situations and make it known if they feel a carrier is posing a threat to others.

These efforts would be a solution after traditional methods have failed. But given that court proceedings and legal mandates are sometimes proving ineffective at protecting drivers, networking with mobile technology could be the best solution out there.

Other popular uses for apps in trucking today include freight tracking, staffing, and training.

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