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Could Better Equipment Help Reduce Accidents?

Could Better Equipment Help Reduce Accidents?

A recent report by the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Administration caused many to be concerned about the number of traffic fatalities involving large commercial vehicles. Though trucking accidents have generally been on the decline, they still represent a noticeable amount of overall accidents.

While the upcoming ELD mandate is predicted to decrease accidents, some in the industry believe that it won’t have the substantial effect that regulators are hoping for. In fact, many believe that the mandate could be a finishing blow for a number of smaller carriers who are understaffed in the fragmented market.

But while many have been skeptical of the proposed impact of ELDs on accident prevention, an alternative has been offered. It is logical to assume that better equipment could help lead to better results when it comes to drivers traveling more miles with fewer accidents.

Features that provide assistance to the driver with things like braking and adjusting quickly have become much more popular in traditional vehicles over the years. While these types of systems would have to be altered greatly to work in large trucks, the fact remains that a switch to more modern equipment could have a major impact on road safety.

Carriers are taking notice of this as well, with many companies seeking new applicants by listening modern equipment as one of the perks of the job. Even minor things like blind-spot detection, improved headlines, and better tires can help truck drivers have an easier time staying safe on the road.

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