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Could a Greater Investment in Tech Have Prevented the Driver Shortage?

Could a Greater Investment in Tech Have Prevented the Driver Shortage?

It’s easy to look back on the last few years in the trucking industry and think about what could’ve been done differently to avoid the problems carriers face today. One of the most pressing issues that continues to plague carriers is the driver shortage. Not only are veteran drivers nearing retirement, but current conditions have caused some drivers (and prospective drivers) to think twice about their career path.

One of the most talked-about topics in trucking currently is the emergence of new technologies. Everything from self-driving kits to freight apps have made an impact, and some people wonder whether a greater investment in techs like these could’ve helped to prevent the driver shortage.

While self-driving kits are feared by some as a potential job-killer, others believe these vehicles could have a place in the future of trucking by handling longer routes for smaller carriers. Given the fact that many drivers consider leaving the industry once they’re asked to work an excessive amount of hours, it is easy to see how the use of autonomous trucks in the right manner could’ve helped to keep drivers around.

Apps are now used for a variety of purposes in trucking. Whether a person wants to find a shipper in their area or a reliable truck stop on the road, mobile technology makes it easier than ever before. While apps have helped solve many problems in the trucking field, these problems could’ve had a great deal to do with the driver shortage.

While it is impossible to change the past, it is worth noting that the tech advancements in trucking could be used to help convince new drivers to enter the field. With more attention being placed on technological advancements in the trucking field, the driver shortage could become less of an issue in the future.

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