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Common Credentials for US CDL Jobs

Common Credentials for US CDL Jobs

US CDL truck driving jobs can vary greatly depending on their location, the carrier offering them, and a variety of other factors. But while two CDL jobs may be very different, the credentials they require are often very similar.

The first and most obvious thing that trucking jobs require is the proper license. Most freight transportation jobs require a CDL A, though some require a CDL B. Positions may require endorsements depending on the type of freight being transported as well as other factors. Carriers may also have age requirements for applicants.

Another common requirement for CDL jobs is experience. Carriers take a large risk when it comes to onboarding new drivers, so many of them want proof that the driver is able to handle themselves safely on the road. The amount of experience a carrier requires can vary, though most typically look for one-to-three years. Many carriers also prefer that this experience be within the last few years.

Another common thing that carriers look for in new applicants is a clean driving record. From moving violations to preventable accidents, there are many incidents which can affect a person’s chances of getting a US CDL job. Sometimes a company may be willing to work with drivers who have had issues with their driving record, though some carriers have more stringent requirements than others.

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