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Collaboration vs. Competition: Which Matters More for the Future?

Collaboration vs. Competition: Which Matters More for the Future?

For an industry with a simple goal, freight transport has never been without its complexities.

Anyone who has ever moved any significant amount of cargo from one location to the next knows it presents challenges. Imagine doing this on a regular basis, and having a patchwork of stringent rules and demanding higher-ups watching every move. This is the daily life of a worker in the trucking industry.

Not surprisingly, freight professionals have gotten good at their job over the years. They’ve gotten most of the job down to a science, and even left themselves some breathing room to adjust when things change in the industry.

Change has become more common in recent years, with the entire landscape of the freight industry seeing a potential overhaul thanks to some budding technologies. Low-emission engines, self-driving kits, and even electronic logging devices will have a major impact on the way truck drivers and managers earn their living.

Moving forward, having the right strategy in place is vital for carriers. But in a time when things are being altered so drastically, what is the right approach? Should companies work together, or will the race to the future be an every-company-for-themselves type of situation?

Collaboration has helped other industries usher in tech advancements and prepare for the way they’ll impact trade, business, and communication. Combining resources and rosters can lead to big results, showing that working together has plenty of advantages.

On the other hand, competition means consumers win. When multiple companies compete to deliver the best product to their customers, quality goes up and prices go down. A healthy and competitive atmosphere can benefit almost any industry, and trucking is no exception.

These two concepts are not on opposite ends of the spectrum – there is some overlap, and it is possible to have a bit of both. Companies can work with one another to adjust to new changes, but still seek to have their own spot in the industry.

Trucking may need a healthy dose of collaboration and competition moving forward, as big changes to the core business model of freight transportation will push even the most successful carriers to their limits.

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