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A Closer Look at Trucker Health Issues

A Closer Look at Trucker Health Issues

While it may not constitute the type of hard labor that construction, industrial, and other commercial jobs are known for, trucking driving is an occupation that can be taxing on workers. While some think that life in the cab is easy given a driver’s stationary position and the fact that they can control the climate of their cab, several health issues exist for drivers. Some are common and have been given a reasonable amount of attention by employers in the industry, others are more obscure – but just as serious. Learning about these issues can help truckers enjoy long, healthy, and happy careers.

While truckers do escape the large amount of manual labor traditionally associated with many other lines of work, they also miss the exercise these occupations give to those involved. Being in a stationary position for long period of time isn’t great for joint health or circulation. This is compounded by the fact that many drivers chug caffeinated beverages and snack regularly in order to stay awake. Adhering to a balanced diet and stepping out of the cab for a few minutes every couple hours can help drivers keep their health on track even while they’re on the road.

Mental health is also extremely important and should not be neglected. A combination of sleep deprivation, the stresses of the road, and long hours away from loved one can take its toll on even the most experienced truck driver. Some drivers utilize social media to stay in touch with family members, while others manage their stresses by playing music or movies in the cab during their trip. Small tactics like this have proven effective at helping drivers manage the difficulties associated with this somewhat unorthodox line of work.

The most important thing a driver must do in the cab is stay alert. Even the most well-trained and experienced driver can’t stay safe on the road if they aren’t able to react quick enough. Conditions like sleep apnea and other similar syndromes have been looked at more closely by trucking companies and lawmakers in recent years, and more truckers are being tested to ensure these issues will not give them trouble during their journey.

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