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Clean Diesel Technology is Catching on in Trucking

Clean Diesel Technology is Catching on in Trucking

The trucking industry has always been at the forefront of environmental discussions. While freight transportation and delivery services act as a key factor in the economy, more people have voiced their concerns about diesel emissions in recent years.  Truckers have also been in favor of cleaning up their field, but it wasn’t until recently that technology finally caught up the lofty goals of environmental enthusiasts.

More commercial trucks than ever are utilizing clean diesel engines. A recent study by the Diesel Technology Forum reports that over 40% of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles now use this new technology to reduce emission levels. The change came as mandates required these vehicles to have emission levels not exceeding 0.01 grams per brake horse-power hour (g/HP-hr). This level is close to zero, and the goal of such a mandate was to reduce the carbon footprint left by commercial vehicles across the country.

Allen Schaeffer, director of the Diesel Technology Forum said: ““The U.S. trucking fleet is transitioning to newer clean diesel technology, which means immediate fuel savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air.” New technology has allowed trucks to generate emissions at levels 99% lower than in previous years.

Some states still have a way to go in terms of complying with new emission standards. However, in four states more than 50% of registered diesel trucks utilize this new technology. The technology utilizes a combustion system with advanced fuel-injection, as well as well as efficient engine management and filtration systems.

In addition to leaving a smaller carbon footprint, truckers also reap additional benefits from these new engines. The switch to clean diesel technology has also lead to fuel economy improvements totaling at between three-to-five percent on average. It was once thought that a diesel-dependent industry could never truly be eco-friendly, but modern technology is proving otherwise.

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