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Children Being Taught The Importance Of Trucks And Truckers

Children Being Taught The Importance Of Trucks And Truckers

Truckers accomplish a lot of tasks that are hard, and require power and determination, which go unappreciated. But it isn’t often that the tasks accomplished by trucks and truckers can be referred to as ‘adorable’ but that is the only word that aptly defines the Trucker Buddy Program.

Trucker Buddy International is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate children about the trucking industry and truckers. There are many great programs initiated by the Trucker Buddy, the chief of which connects truckers to school classrooms where the students get to ask questions and receive updates about the activities of truckers. The screening process for the truckers is very strict and the nonprofit ensures that the truckers who are best at communicating with children are sent to educate them.

In Fort Worth, Texas, the nonprofit organization partnered with local trucking companies to create a great outing for the local scouts, by letting them experience real trucking. Children sat in trucks and saw how work was done and were taught about the impact of the trucking industry on their lives. It was a fun event and many local companies got involved in their own way. The adults seemed just as delighted as the kids and entertained the questions and requests of the children with aplomb.

“Many young men and women had the opportunity to sit in the seat of a big rig and see how a driver lives while on the road,” according to Executive Director Randy Schwartzenburg from the non-profit organization. “Many asked questions about the engines, weight and were amazed how large the sleepers were inside. The opportunity to show thousands of scouts, parents and leaders a positive view of the trucking industry should pay benefits well into the future.”

He further continued, “America’s Road Team had a simulator in their truck, and there was a line of scouts ready to ‘test drive’ a truck for the first time. Frito-Lay brought one of their natural gas trucks to the event, and we had a lot of questions about that. Overall it was a resounding success. Events like this make our industry better. Of course, every scout wanted to blow the horn.”
The scout association was delighted and their Director James Parnell said, “The Trucker Buddy program is a great one for all scouts. Your trucks and showmanship were a great addition to our event. You have a great message and mission and many thanks for educating our participants.

“For your team to come from out of state to help the Dallas area means a lot to our scouts. We served over 12,400 participants, of which 896 in attendance were low-income families that received a scholarship to participate. There is no telling how many young drivers actually get parents to pay better attention when they are driving and distracted or speeding. Our scouts also benefit from Trucker Buddies informative merit badge offerings.” More such events can be expected in the future thanks to the enthusiastic response to this event. – See more at:

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