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Carriers Handling Fourth-Quarter Rush as Trends Begin to Improve

Carriers Handling Fourth-Quarter Rush as Trends Begin to Improve

The last few months of the year are always a busy time, and this increased activity is only facilitated by the efforts of drivers and carriers. But after a rough and rocky 2016, many within the industry had fears going into the sometimes-hectic season.

Though generally a productive time for trucking, the end of the year can also be an expensive time for carriers. With many throughout the year suffering from a dip in demand due to higher-than-normal inventories and others feeling the burdening effects of new regulations, it seemed that this time of year would pose a challenge.

But recent reports by analysts from the American Trucking Associations have noted that improvements are expected in the industry soon. Their original analysis came near the end of the fourth quarter, and things seem to be on track for a slow and steady growth in demand.

The end-of-the-year surge may have been enough to help stave off the decline this year, as the descent seen in 2016 has finally started to slow. The increased demand at the end of this year will carry trucking over just as many carriers have become accustomed to new mandates and withstood a period of sluggish economic activity.

Combined with the fact that many carriers have improved their approach to logistics in an effort to deal with the slower-than-normal demand, and it seems that the future may prove to be positive for trucking.

An increase in demand during the end of the year has proved very beneficial thus far, and more carriers are seeing conditions improve. While major improvements may take a long time to manifest, changes are already being seen as the fourth-quarter nears its final few weeks.

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