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Carrier Reworks Management Structure to Recover Market Share

Carrier Reworks Management Structure to Recover Market Share

Some carriers find themselves at the top of the trucking industry at one point, but struggling to recapture that level of success soon after. Oftentimes, this is due to a miscalculation.

In an industry where things can change quickly, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. But one carrier is making an effort to recover lost market share by revamping its management structure.

Navistar is a name associated with innovation. The company’s mission involves pursuing new ideas and leading the way to a sustainable future. Fueled by a commitment to research and strong business partnerships, Navistar has become a top name in freight transportation throughout many industries and around the world.

The company’s commitment to allocating their resources to facilitate growth effectively can even be seen in their management structure, as a new shift in the hierarchy of the company was done last month.

Long-time Navistar employee William Kozek stepped down from his position as president of Navistar’s truck and parts business to focus on the company’s emerging technology strategy. As the new head of this project, Kozek brings a great deal of knowledge about the trucking industry and Navistar’s goals. His focus will be on vehicle electrification and the possibility of disruptive technologies.

Kozek has been applauded by others in the company for rebuilding the brand on an international level. His former position will now be filled by Michael Cancelliere, a long-time sales expert.

In addition to reassigning existing positions, the company has also created new roles to help it with future plans. Bernardo Valenzuela will serve in the new role of vice president of export, and president of Mexico and Global Operations.

Navistar has been busy with new releases as of late, debuting the International LT Line and making several other important changes. These switches, coupled with the rearranging of upper-level management, are being implemented in the hopes Navistar can recover lost market share.

After investing heavily in diesel-exhaust technology designed to meet federal regulations, the company found their trucks were facing issues with reliability and fuel economy. From the end of 2016 throughout April, the company lost millions, coming close a$300 million dollar dip if the totals for the past two years are combined.

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